The key to good information management is finding the right balance between information, people and technology. Getting it right is not easy. For example, in many organisations, Information Management is still seen as mainly the responsibility of the ICT department. Also, it's importance for the organisation and the risks associated with managing information badly are not sufficiently recognised in most organisations.

Heron Information Management (HeronIM) helps you to get the balance right. Through training, consultancy and other services, information management can be lifted to it's proper place in your organisation. The good news: this can be achieved with relatively little investment. HeronIM will assist you in finding the right kind of information management for your organisation, and provide you with the tools and skills to develop it further.

Martijn van der Kaaij is the founder of Heron Information Management, and the activities of the company are built around his skills and experience. However, if necessary, HeronIM involves other experts to work on specific projects.

Archiving 2017 - Riga
On 17th May 2017, Martijn presented a case study about the implementation of the Heron Quality Assurance Engine at the Archiving 2017 conference in Riga.