Martijn van der Kaaij - founder of Heron Information Management Martijn van der Kaaij (Amsterdam, 1971) is a Dutch independent information management trainer and consultant, currently based The Netherlands.

As part of his master's degree in history, he studied the application of ICT to the arts and humanities. In the cultural heritage sector, his work has ranged from developing one of the first true online exhibitions in The Netherlands ('Digitale kanalen: het water van Amsterdam' - Digital canals: Amsterdam and water through history) to designing data models for the digital repository of the Royal Library of The Netherlands.

Outside the sector, Martijn has done a lot of work on the implementation of digital document and records management (DRM) and on business process and work flow design. Clients range from large (DRM-training at the European Central Bank, business process design for British Aerospace) to small (custom made training for the member of staff in charge of digitisation at the National Library of Aruba). He is also an expert on the Semantic Web and on Open Access.

Martijn speaks English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish, and can provide training and consultancy in all those languages.

Bea van der Kaaij graduated with a Masters in Musicology specialising in Medieval Studies, Choral Conducting, certified secretary and para-veterinary. This unusual combination of knowledge and skills has lead to a varied working life, having held position such as: Director of Music, Secretary, Veterinary assistant, Tour manager and organizer (mainly for choirs, orchestras and organists).

Since the foundation of Heron Information Management LLP in 2013, Partner who handles the administrative and organisational aspects of Heron.

Wessel van der Kaaij (Wageningen, 1995) became partner at Heron in March 2015, initially only working part-time alongside his studies in geological sciences at the University of Leeds.

Since May 2016 he is working full-time for Heron. He is looking after research, sales and communication and is gradually taking on more of the training tasks. He has a deep interest in History, Archeology and Geology. In his free time Wessel is a member of several project choirs as a bass and is taking singing lessons to further developing his solo singing.