The Heron Quality Assurance Engine (HeronQAE) provides structural, file and metadata checks on digitized data. HeronQAE is highly configurable, and is already being used in several (mass) digitization projects in the Netherlands.

HeronQAE is currently available as stand alone application for Windows operating system. Versions for other platforms will soon be available. A quote will be provided after discussion of your specific needs.


Basic module:
  • Checksum checks (based on table provided, various formats possible, for instance, md5 and sha512)
  • file names and -locations (against template of files structure and name patterns)
  • checks on zero byte files
  • id-check (in case there is a list available of expected files, like access (or inventory) to an archive)
Header Check Module:
  • Checking content of specified header fields
Metadata Module:
  • comparing content of various metadata elements (XML-element or attributes, columns in csv files, header fields)
  • comparing structural metadata (are file names in concordance tables the same as files names in METS or MPEG21)
  • checks on checksums that are a part of metadata (PREMIS, MPEG21) etc.
This module will be tailored to the customers specific needs.

Match Day Targets Module:
This module generates a concordance between day targets and related images based on date, time and information on which hardware (must be evident in header fields). On request checks can be done based on these concordances, if not too much time has passed between the recording of a day target and the recording of an image.

Sampling Module:
Generates a random sample based on setting of the required sample size, a file path and/or patterns of file names. The selected files can be copied to a new location (for instance to perform a visual check), but it is also possible to use the resulting sample as input for any of the checks of the basic module, the header check module and the metadata module.

Integration of jpylyzer:
NB: jpylyzer is not a part of Heron QAE, this is the integration of the jpylyzer-check in the HeronQAE-workflow, and - in case the module 'Rapportage Module has been acquired - storage of the results in the reports.

Test Targets (expected August 2017):
Checks if recording of targets fall within given specifications. Two options:
  1. Checks if readings of third party software (like UTT or IQ-analyzer) fall within given specifications.
  2. Complete readings and analysis against specifications target scans.
Report-plus Module:
NB: standard reports generated by HeronQAE, come - by choice - either in text files or in XML. The level of the report (everything, warnings only, eroors or errors only) are adjustable anyway. This module is for an additional funcionality. Heron IM can, if required, deliver tools to store reports (so that, for example, in case of part delivery, also can be check how many of the inventory numbers of the expected total have been delivered), to manage or visualise them.

In case of long running projects the acquisition of Report-plus module is strongly recommended, as in this way it is possible to keep an overview and the reports can be set up in a way, so that these can be send to the client directly.

Price and Support: negotiable.

Please contact Martijn van der Kaaij ( without obligations for a demonstration, or to determine more in detail, which modules you would require, and perhaps which specific adjustments would be advisable. Based on this a quote will be made up.

Heron Quality Assurance Engine (HeronQAE) in action: high level overview of errors (if any) in batches of digitized data.